Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Welcome to 2012!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope y'all had a wonderful holiday season surrounded by your loved ones.

I was lucky enough to travel back to California for about 10 days which still wasn't long enough to do everything I had hoped to, of course!  I did manage to spend time with family & friends, soak up some rays (it was sunny every day and, I swear, the sun shines brighter there!), hang out at the beach, get some shopping in, eat great food, and bake some pies.

I had high hopes of a pie-baking frenzy surrounded by American taste testers who would shoot me straight.  Totally had dismissed the fact I'd be on holiday and would want to spend time just visiting and doing, well, nothing really.  In the end I only managed five pies, including this beauty below on Christmas day. And it was goooood!
Blackberry Streusel Pie