Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The death of the Snickerdoodle/The birth of the Doodle!

Snickerdoodles are a familiar cookie in the States, and they were certainly popular in our house. Characterized by their crinkly top, Snickerdoodles are a cakey sugar cookie rolled in a dusting of cinnamon and sugar before baking. It's easy to see why kids love them so much. That being said, my husband has no problem eating four in one go.

When I was planning on what to have for my first market weekend, I knew I wanted a selection of cookies, and Snickerdoodles seemed a sure bet. I mean, who doesn't love a sugar cookie?

During one of my taste-testing sessions (and by that I mean trying out my creations on family and friends!), I did have a colleague say, "Snickerdoodles? So, do they have Snickers in them?"
"No," I said.
"Well, perhaps you should think about renaming them so people don't think that."

The idea seemed ridiculous. In the US, they are universally known as Snickerdoodles, and the name confuses no one. No one is really sure where the name originated but some say they name can be traced back to Germany and the word "schneckennudeIn", which means snail dumplings. As they are not really found in the UK, I suppose it's not a surprising question, but I pointed out that they're not called 'Snickersdoodles.' With their cakey white appearance, surely there shouldn't be any confusion?

I've sold them at my last 3 markets and they've gone down well, especially with kids, as I expected. But, after last weekend and questions from a few different customers about whether they contained Snickers, it became apparent that something was going to have to be done about the least for now.

Therefore, going forward, they great Snickerdoodle will be known simply as "Doodles" when they feature on the menu until such time as the great people of England have become familiar with them and they can be known solely as Snickerdoodles once again!

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